Friday, February 1, 2008

Good Luck My Twins

On the 27th Jan 2008,my twins registered at one of the Sek Men Teknik in Kelantan. This is the first time that they are away from home without me.

Yeah..time really flies.I just wished my friends a happy new year and now its already Feb.With the twins away,it's quite lonely at home.

Nadia giving the twins a helping hand.

My twins in their primary years.
15 years ago.

Next week they will be back home for the Chinese New year holiday.When our kids start leaving home, then we wish we had more children.Whether you had one,two or twelve it is the same. One by one they will leave their nest to begin their own life. Well,my twins ,mama wished you both the best of everything .


Anonymous said...

i love you so much mama....thank's 4 everything

kbguy said...

O, demo ado kembar. Kawe pun ado kembar. Tunggu result SPM loni..