Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tun Dr. Mahathir Keluar UMNO

Hari ini, Mei 19, 2008 saya mengumumkan keputusan saya untuk keluar daripada UMNO. Isteri saya turut bersama.

Keputusan ini dibuat kerana UMNO yang ada sekarang bukan lagi UMNO yang ditubuh 62 tahun dahulu yang berjuang untuk bangsa Melayu, Agama Islam dan Negara Malaysia (Malaya); UMNO yang menggagalkan Malayan Union, memperjuangkan kemerdekaan Malaya dan Malaysia dan membangunkan Malaysia sehingga menjadi Negara yang termaju di antara Negara membangun di dunia. Baca seterusnya.here

Honey I'm back...

Wow...it takes TM nearly 3 months to replace the stolen cable. Today I received my streamyx bill,and the note said plse pay promptly to avoid service interuption...what da hack. I think after 1 month out of service TM should write to the customer something like'sorry for the inconvinience and we are doing our best to solve the problem'.

Ha ha ha sorry Cik Wan if you are reading this. So how is the trip to Kuching?

Let's see what I have been doing when I could not hop blog.

In March,busy sms's friends for change. For all friends in Selangor,Perak,Kedah and Penang. Don't worry too much,Kelantan survived for 18 years.

In April, nothing much happen.The renovation for Sripekan is almost complete . I now have 2 ponds (big pot!!) of guppies, 1 small aquarium of tropical fish, 2+1 tank of ikan kelah. Ha!! anybody interested in ikan kelah...contact me.

Now is already May,how time flies..I don't have mama anymore to wish happy mothers day. Mothers Day,Teachers Day and also Telecomunication day all in May. Hence I took this opportunity to wish all mamas (including me) ,all teachers and all TM staff 'Happy always and may Allah bless us all.Amin.

Okay honey,gotta go now.