Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy birthday Nadia

Happy birthday Nadia.

My girl turns 20 on the 18th Jan 2008. How time flies...she was only a baby yesterday. I can still remember her cycling to the tadika and to the shops nearby. Now we cannot let our children out without supervision like in the old days.

Way back in 1992, i lost Nadia for two hours at Woodland Singapore.You cannot imagine the panic,the fear that we went through. We stopped at Woodland on the way back from Batam for last minute shopping. Me ,Nadia and a few others were at a textile shop. After paying for my purchases i looked around for Nadia.She was no longer there...! Behind the cloth,behind the counter,next shop,next shop..she was no where to be found. At the car park..she was also not there. We organised a search party, a few of us went north,a few others south and so on. In the end my pa found her crying ,sitting on a pile of clothing in front of a shop, quite far from the last point. Before my father could take her, the shopkeeper confirmed with Nadia whether she knew my father or not.After satisfied that Nadia knew my father and her brother only the shopkeeper let her go with them. She was crying and looking for me when the shopkeeper stopped her and asked her to sit and wait for me. We could not thanked the shopkeeper enough.

A very very active girl.Everybody at our taman knew her.Forever on her small bicycle to Tok Su's shop to buy ice cream.

Jurong Bird Park in Singapore.

Last but not least,I appeal to who ever is keeping Sharlinie please sent her back.

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Nadiatul said...

huhu..i love u mum!!!!! =)