Thursday, February 14, 2008

181 Sripekan

Welcome to 181 Sri Pekan @ Pasir Puteh. Sri Pekan is one of the 182 houses in Taman SG. 25 years ago this is part of a low cost housing scheme. As the economic of Kelantan grew,the economic of the people in Taman SG also prosper. Now you can hardly see the original house that the govt built 25 years ago.
Nadia infront of 181 Sri Pekan, Taman SG.

Our living room.

This is our dining room.

The kitchen.
The owner of 181 Sri Pekan. The lady is from the royal town of Pahang, hence Sri Pekan,while the master of the house is a local of Pasir Puteh.

The siblings of 181 Sri Pekan.

The twins.

During Along's convocation

Nadia home fron national service.

All in the family.

I'm not a writer,the only time i wrote stories was during my school day. I'm very much a tecnical person where every thing must be based on facts and figures. When I hop from blog to blog ,the desire to write make me start Sri Pekan.

To all visitors have a nice time at 181 Sri Pekan. Tq for visiting.

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