Monday, June 30, 2008

The re-branding of Malaysia....Liwat-gate To The Fore

The re-branding of Malaysia....Liwat-gate To The Fore
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Posted by Vineeth Menon

The comments below is written by ez24get in responce to the above tittle in M2day

Today, Najib said the picture of Anwar's former aide Saiful with his (Najib's) official Khairil Annas Jusoh at the deputy prime minister's office, which was featured in numerous blogs, was taken three months ago when the aide went to his office to seek a government scholarship.

If one looks at the answers given by Najib, the following begs even more questions:

1.Saiful dropped out of UNITEN sometime in 2007/08, why is he applying for scholarship only 3 months ago?

2.Saiful admitted after achieving a grade point average of 1.69 in three semesters, he decided to quit university. Why is he applying for scholarship to enter varsity again when he has quit?

3.Why is Saiful applying for scholarship in the Deputy Prime Minister office and not in the PSD office?

4.Why would such a senior officer in the DPM department bother to pose for a photograph with a young, unimportant 23 year old new scholarship applicant?

5.Why important and busy ministers like Shahrir, and senior officers in the DPM department would take their precious time to pose photograph with Saiful if he is not a valuable person?

6.Surely having known Saiful is on the side of the opposition PKR, why would they even entertain him?

As the Chinese sayings goes, “to cover up a lie, it takes another 100 lies to cover up that lie”

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