Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hello friends...

Wow...this time its takes TM nearly 5 months to have the lines in my area restored. On my DP, of the 10 pairs only 1 is working and the technician gave the line to me bcos I subscribe to streamyx. The other 9 pairs (equivalent to 9 subscribers) is still not working... and of course my xxx7277 is also not working.

Let's see what I've been up to these last four months....
Sad,but it's true our aquarium burst open....

Attended Nadia's wedding in Tumpat. Nadia is my niece from Kuantan.
Tok Da and daughter from Mekah was home for 2 months. Harvesting patin from our own pond.
All the neighbours in Jln pekeliling 4 have a taste of our patin.
The girls making cookies for Hari Raya.
@ Kuala Ibai,Terengganu
The twins on a school trip to KL.

Now that I'm here,I really hope that I can share what happen @ Sripekan from time to time.

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