Monday, April 14, 2008

Hello My Friends

Hello my friends,
So sorry I couldn't update sripekan since 1st march, the cable to my housing area was stolen by some irresponsible indivudual resulting in lost of communication and internet access. Telekom is taking a very long time in replacing the cable and restoring services to the affected area.

When streamyx is restored Sripekan will be updated. Oh how i miss all my online friends,news during the 12 general election etc...

I'm posting this from Toyata Svc Centre,Kota Bharu while wating for my car being serviced.

thank you Toyata and to all my friends have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

Tak dak cable menteri ke!! kesiannyalah, uya dah klik ke kota bahru dengan kawannya. salam utk semua, bye

kbguy said...

thks for visiting my site. Lama menghilankan diri. Welcome back. Kat pejabat UMW, KB ada free wifi ke ?